Leaky Gut Syndrome Treatment Guide

The proper leaky gut syndrome treatment is a process where you need to make dietary and lifestyle changes. There is no quick fix for this disorder and that’s a shame because leaky gut is very real. Fortunately, there are some doctors that believe in the importance of the gut and in this treatment guide, we will show you the treatment that they recommend.

Not having any over the counter medicine available for this health condition may be seen as unfortunate but if you think about it, it may be good for you. I say that because medicines, while sometimes effective, always have side effects and most of the time, the side effects may even be worse than the condition or illness that you were trying to get rid of.

The best way to treat leaky gut is to have a natural or holistic approach and then make sure that you follow the leaky gut diet and use the right supplements. It is quite difficult to treat leaky gut by yourself, especially if you are not a health expert and you don’t know much about the gut and the digestive system. This is why we recommend everyone who has leaky gut to get the leaky gut cure program by Karen Brimeyer. It is a guide that is very well known to be successful in dealing with leaky gut. Basically, it is a complete manual on everything you need to know about leaky gut and how to treat it.

It should be noted that your treatment will take time and it can be frustrating but if you follow the treatment guide from the leaky gut cure guide, you will be fine.

Leaky Gut Treatment Tips

Here is the guide to the leaky gut syndrome treatment process. You need to follow these in order to get rid of your leaky gut.

Dietary Changes

The foods that you eat can be the primary reason as to why your intestinal walls are repeatedly irritated. There are certain foods that can irritate the gut and this makes the healing of the gut harder than it has to be. Samples are junk foods, processed foods and foods that contain too much sugar. Junk foods and processed foods contain chemicals that will harm the intestinal wall further while sugary foods can contribute to the overgrowth of yeast in the intestinal flora. Click here to read more about the proper leaky gut diet.

Take Supplements that help your Gut

Digestive supplements are very important to heal your gut. There are different supplements that play a specific role in the overall health of the gut. Here is the list of supplements that you will need. It is important that you follow the instructions on the label of each supplement for maximum results.

What else can you do to prevent further damage to the gut?

Only take medicines if you absolutely need them.

Certain medication such as NSAIDs or non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs and antibiotics can lead to leaky gut syndrome. Antibiotics kill off bacteria to cure infections and this is good but as a side effect, it also gets rid of the good bacteria. This can lead to an imbalance of bacteria in the intestine and can cause candida yeast overgrowth. You should ask your doctor first if you are taking in some medicines because lowering the dosage without their guidance can potentially cause more harm than good.

Relax and try to reduce the level of stress.

Stress is an underrated cause of many disorders. If your body is in constant stress, the processes that it needs to perform may be hindered. Stress can also cause the body to perform essential bodily functions such as the digestion process inefficiently and this can cause problems in your gut.

The symptoms that come with leaky gut are some of the most debilitating symptoms that you can experience. Some are mild but recurring while some are very serious. The list of symptoms can be found here. The proper way to deal with these symptoms is to get rid of the source, in this case, leaky gut. It’s not enough to get rid of the symptoms and leave the underlying cause to linger. It’s pretty obvious that these symptoms will only come back if that is the approach.

I said earlier that the lack of over the counter medicines can be good for you. It may be absurd to think like that but when it comes to your body’s health, I believe that natural is always better than artificial. Sure, artificial may work faster but you are not really sure about the long term effects it has on your body, not to mention it can be very addictive. Natural ways of treatment also work albeit slower, but in the long run, you can be sure that your body will become healthier and this can help prevent other illnesses or diseases from developing.

Following the steps above is definitely a good way to become healthier again and get rid of leaky gut. However, each and every person is different and to have a better shot at getting rid of leaky gut, the treatment needs to be personalized. For example, one type of diet will not work for everyone because each body has different needs. This is why we stress that anyone who has leaky gut should have a look at the leaky gut cure program so that the treatment of their gut can be more successful and they can be properly guided.