Leaky Gut Cure by Karen Brimeyer – Reviewed!

The Author

Leaky gut cure is a product created by Karen Brimeyer, nutritionist and health consultant. She specializes in leaky gut syndrome and digestive disorders.

Her degrees in Human Nutrition (University of Florida), certification in Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology Institute), advanced certification as Metabolic Typing Advisor support her credentials. Karen herself experienced health problems caused by leaky gut and found no solution in conventional medicine. She decided to apply holistic medicine to overcome her problem with success and now, she also helps others to improve health and naturally heal leaky gut.

Leaky gut cure is a step- by- step guide and easy to follow program for naturally healing leaky gut. It describes the process of curing leaky gut without using expensive medicines.

Leaky gut cure review

Leaky gut cure is a natural and effective method which provides detailed information on how to treat leaky gut permanently and maintain optimum health. This guide will give you detailed information about the digestion system and how to keep it healthy. It will help you to understand how to make healthy food choices and also give you insight in different tricks to detoxify your body and deal with chronic symptoms.

What is really great about this method is that it helps sufferers to change their lifestyle and their mind set to heal leaky gut naturally. The leaky gut cure program will teach you the proper diet and provide you with guidelines on how to restore and maintain a healthy digestive tract and resolve your symptoms.

The leaky gut cure program is an eBook that provides you with techniques for healing leaky gut naturally and understanding that supplements are not the only answer for healing, diet guide on what you should and should not eat to achieve optimal health results and recipes suitable for naturally healing leaky gut.

Since achieving optimal health means changing your lifestyle and eating habits, this eBook will educate you on how some foods can actually be harmful for your body and give you lessons on how to make changes for the best results. Most of these methods are easy to follow and can be done at home.

The leaky gut cure program is an ebook that provides you with the different techniques on how to heal leaky gut and a diet guide along with some recipes to improve your food intake. It will utilize the 4 key concepts that the author preaches.

Pros and Cons


  • A step- by- step guide that will get you in optimal health mode withiin 60 days
  • It includes specific techniques and information for leaky gut treatment
  • A natural treatment guide so side effects are non existent
  • It helps you avoid expensive food supplements
  • It is easy to follow so implementation won’t be hard at all
  • It is easy to access since it is available for download, it’s portable.
  • It is low priced at less than $40 and it has a money back guarantee, and
  • It can be used by all ages


  • It provides plenty information so at times you may feel overwhelmed
  • Although it is easy to follow it demands discipline and you need to follow it through and through for best results


The book is a great guide for fighting against leaky gut syndrome. It has received tons of praises for how helpful and successful it is as evidenced in the testimonials that can be found at their official website. It is inexpensive and has a money back guarantee so it is highly recommended that you try it and if it is not for you, you can get your money back.