Leaky Gut and Other Related Disorders

Leaky gut syndrome is a disorder where if you have it, you are at risk of developing other serious medical conditions. Likewise, other health conditions can also cause the development of an increased intestinal permeability. And once you develop this disorder, the possibility of having multiple health conditions all at the same time is very high. Don’t worry though, we have some helpful treatment tips for anyone that suffers from leaky gut.

Some health issues while not directly linked to leaky gut, share some common symptoms so it is likely that you might have problems identifying which is the actual cause of your symptoms.

Here are some health disorders that are related to leaky gut:

Celiac Disease

Leaky gut and Celiac disease are very similar in that they both are linked to the small intestine. The main problem with Celiac disease is the small intestine’s inability to absorb the proper nutrients to the bloodstream. Much like leaky gut, the inability to absorb these minerals and nutrients can prove to be very problematic because as it goes on, your body will weaken. Some symptoms of Celiac disease that are also symptoms of leaky gut are bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation. As for trying to minimize the effects of Celiac disease, a gluten-free diet is suggested.


Dysbiosis is also called dysbacteriosis. It is a condition where the digestive tract’s microbe balance is disrupted. I’m referring to it’s similarity with leaky gut of course. Dysbiosis can also occur on the different mucous membranes and other organs such as the nose, ears, nails and lung. When that balance is disrupted, a vicious cycle will occur where the overgrowth of the harmful bacteria will be unstoppable if left untreated.

As the harmful bacteria grows more and more, the beneficial ones won’t be able to keep them in check and as time goes on, they will be overwhelmed. The most common causes of this condition is the use of antibiotics and alcohol abuse. The same as leaky gut, you must restore this balance in order to get relief.


Arthritis is an auto immune disorder where you experience pain in your muscles and joints. Leaky gut may be the reason why you have developed this disorder. As you know, when you have leaky gut syndrome and it is left untreated, the immune system is left to fight off the foreign agents that penetrate the bloodstream.

The immune system is not perfect and as it is overworked, it is prone to malfunction and cause problems to the body. When your immune system malfunctions and starts attacking the joints, arthritis can be one of the end results. You should try to heal your leaky gut as soon as possible to prevent arthritis.

Also, when you have arthritis, you are usually prescribed to use Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. That’s one of the main problems with prescription drugs, even if they can cure one disorder or at least alleviate some symptoms, they can cause another to manifest. NSAIDs are one of the main causes of leaky gut.

Candida Yeast Overgrowth

Candidiasis or candida overgrowth is one disorder that is very much related to leaky gut. You can read more about the relation between the two here. A brief summary of how they are related is that either one can be the cause or the symptom of the other.

The best way to get rid of both is to first try to get rid of the candida yeast overgrowth and then try to let your gut heal, with some help from you of course.