Healing Leaky Gut with Simple Dietary Tips

Suffering from leaky gut syndrome is an experience that can extremely limit you on how to live your life. You have a number of debilitating symptoms and what’s more dangerous is that you are at risk of developing even more serious health conditions.

The gut should be allowed to heal naturally and for the body to do that, we need to make some dietary changes and provide the body, the gut specifically, with the nutrients that it needs. We should also avoid eating foods that can worsen the damage to the small intestine.

Here are some helpful cooking and eating tips that can help the gut absorb more nutrients.

Meat vs Vegetables

You might be thinking that avoiding meat and eating only vegetables is ideal to heal a leaky gut. If you think that, then you are wrong. Both of these have their place in a leaky gut diet. Meat also contains some very valuable nutrients that can be absorbed by the gut. However, you need to make sure that the meat you are consuming is clean and if possible, organic.

Vegetables are also very helpful in the healing process of the gut. They contain enzymes that help in the digestion. It’s always a good idea to make vegetables a part of your daily diet.

One issue with eating vegetables is that how should you eat it? Cooked or raw? Most people think that eating raw vegetables is more beneficial but when you have leaky gut, it is not. It is recommended that you cook your vegetables before eating it.

Raw vegetables do contain more nutrients and cooking them will strip them of some of these nutrients. So why is it more beneficial to cook them if raw vegetables contain more nutrients?

The answer is simple, raw vegetables are far harder to digest than cooked ones so even if it has more nutrients, all of them won’t be absorbed by the body anyway. It also strains the digestive tract as opposed to eating cooked vegetables. Cooked vegetables, while containing less nutrients than their raw counterpart, are easier to digest thus not putting unnecessary strain to the digestive tract.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is beneficial to supplying the gut with essential minerals and nutrients. Having bone broth regularly supplies the body with some minerals that makes it possible for the gut to heal itself.

If you’ve read our leaky gut treatment tips, you should know that your diet plays a huge role in the healing of leaky gut. These simple eating tips can do wonders for your diet so if you can, try to follow them.